With the exception of a year in Papua New Guinea, I have lived the majority of my life in Western Canada. I have been sketching and painting portraits of my family and friends since I was 8 years old, and from the beginning people have always been my favorite drawing and painting subject.

After raising 3 children into their teens, it was time to get a formal art education. I chose 3 years of graphic design with an ambition to become an illustrator. Immediately after obtaining my diploma in 1981 I began my career as a designer. I worked full time in this field successfully for 11 years until events in my life took me back to full time school, this time for 2 years: one in fine art, the other in computer design - all the while freelancing in graphics.

When my husband had an opportunity to work in Papua New Guinea for a year I accompanied him and while there, took the opportunity to paint. I found hundreds of subjects in the streets and markets of third world Mt. Hagen, in the middle of the wilds of New Guinea.

Once back in Canada, I freelanced in graphic design and painted in my spare time. Since retiring from graphics in 2009 I have devoted my time to portrait and lifestyle drawing and painting. I like my paintings to have a casual and natural feel to them, to be creative and expressive and to capture the spirit of the subject. The final artwork should be at home in any setting, becoming part of the decor of the surroundings yet making its own statement.